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About us >> Constitution and Governance

Constitution and Governance

 We are an organization that works primarily with destitute, abandon, and severely underprivileged children.  We strive that they be alleviated from their level of poverty, abuse, and Godlessness.  Through education and awareness, we are able to help these people come up in their life, and to pull themselves out of poverty and abuse that they are into.  

Our school caters to these children and mostly children from Quarry villages in and around Bangalore.  In these areas children were previously employed as child laborers breaking rocks.  Working in these quarries is the most grueling of tasks which even governments these days don’t allow even their criminals to do.  After all this, they get a salary of just around 1 dollar per day.  We have embraced this task of educating such children that when they grow up they can break the barriers of illiteracy, tear down the walls of poverty, and shatter the chains of abuse and bondage.  Through education they will have equal opportunity as normal children, they will grow up to be brilliant young people. Who can in return influence their entire community.  We believe that kids have the right to dream, play, love, be loved, and do all things that a normal child would do.

  1. A list of the names of your board members and their occupation.

       (A) Bangalore City Mission has a sound board of management.  All of whom meet regularly to decide matters pertaining to the Trust.  The list of members is as given bellow.


Serial No.






Personal Occupation


Jonathan Sinclair Paul

President and Executive Director.

Full time Preacher of the Gospel and manager of the Trust.


Martin Mahimai Dass


Works for (Healthscribe) a multinational Medical Transcription company 


Sumangala James


Professor at a Bapugi College of  Commerce (Government of Karnataka)


Catherine Francis


Head Mistress (Sinclairs High School)


Carolyn Priya


General Manager, Bangalore City Mission


Pushpa Moses  




      3.  How often does the board meet?   


      (A) The board meets once every 3 months.  A notice is sent 21 days in advance for the meeting.  We also have a general body meeting once a year to review the annual financial report.  And to decide on future projects.


     4.   Is your organization legally registered? Do you have legal authorization to receive  funds from outside your country? 


      (A) Bangalore City Mission (Society) is a legally registered Christian Charitable Organization.  Which is registered with the Registrar of Trusts, Societies, and Companies, Government of Karnataka.  Bangalore City Mission files annual Income Tax returns with the Government which is a requirement for registered Societies.  Bangalore City Mission has (12 A) exemption according to the Income tax act of 1961.  Which allows us to accept donations, and (80G) Exemptions.


       5.  Does your organization complete an annual financial report? Is it audited by a CPA or Chartered Accountants (or the equivalent) auditing firm?


      (A) Yes, Bangalore City Mission completes an audited statement audited by a certified Chartered accounting firm.  Charles Prabakar and Associates.  MEM no. 18391.  They are a popular accounting firm where most Christian Organization in Bangalore get their auditing done.