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Our Work >> Vocational Training


Many communities in our country have huge numbers of young people who are unemployed. They have no life skill or talent that any employer in the modern world can use. For example, a slum-dwellers community in Bangalore who used to make a living by cleaning people’s ears now don’t because not many people in cities these days care to get the ears cleaned that way, and the people of this community have no other skill by which they can earn a living. They struggle. All the youth in that community are unemployed and move into begging or other illegal trade.

Quarry workers have no other skill that to break rock, therefore, they cannot go into any easier task than to break stone as they have no education.

Community capacity building project teaches the people of a community some skills that can be used for survival. Skills like tailoring, painting, farming, cooking, soap and detergent making, candle making, etc and so on. We teach them personal, family, and community health so that they can be more presentable to an employer. Presenting families with livestock (sheep), so that they can start income generation and learn to do business. Scientific methods of multiplying them for better yield.

Community capacity building also deals with mothers because they are the backbone of any community. Good mothers can make a good society. Mothers are taught family hygiene and related maters, the importance of educating their children, and the bright future it can bring to their families.

Bangalore City Mission also plans to look into basic village/community issues like the immediate need for water and sanitation.