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Child Support


Child at risk emancipation project 

(CARE project)


Please also pray for the new sponsorship program that we have started.  The school now sponsors 50 very poor, and underprivileged children (abandon by parents) helping them go to school.  We take care of all their educational cost along with books, uniforms, and transportation.  This is educating a child who would otherwise go without education because they cannot afford it.  This new program is also keen on not only seeing to the full development of the child but also fully involved in community development of the villages that these children come from.  We are planning on improving the standard of living in these villages and also empowering these people to get out of the clutches of poverty and helplessness.  We also plan to improve the local government schools with better infrastructure, set up self help groups, and conduct adult literacy classes.  The number of sponsored children is quickly going to rise to 80.  This program has helped a lot of less fortunate and abandon children go to school and given them an opportunity to become something in their lives.