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Make a Contribution >> Micro-finance


Self-help programs were started so that people make regular savings for their own development, so that they can give out micro credits to people in the same community to start small-time businesses. Milk production has always worked and due to the constant need for milk, starting a business with cows is a very good investment. We encourage people to set up their own small vegetable shops or small food sale counter, sewing machines for tailoring, candle dye purchase for candle making, and many others to start income generation.


  1. We would lend some dalit families livestock like a cow for milk production hence starting an income for them.
  2. Some families would get sheep for multiplication through reproduction and hence generating income.
  3. A grant of loan for starting a small vegetable shop or road-side food center for income generation or other business.

Achievability: This sort of program has worked well in the past. Families were lifted up from below poverty. One of the ladies now has 14 sheep and she keeps them producing more to get good income. The initially granted livestock would be owned by the mission and would be given to other families for the same reason.

We also train the people in how to do business and caring for the livestock. The grant of cow, sheep, and loan is based on a study made by our social worker on what would be best suited for that particular area, and which can produce optimum output.