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About us

Dr. D. K. Paul Raj was a truly dynamic leader. Born in the year 1951 in a poor family in  Tamilnadu was a man of honor and justice. Poverty could not stop him from dreaming big. A man of immense wisdom and love for God, made his a great Bible teacher. He spent most of his time helping other.

In his very Influencial life he had taught 1000ʼs of people. Having travelled 16 countries, his knowledge about life was immense. He was conferred an Honarary Doctorate in the 2003 for years of dedicated service to people.

He understood that education was the key to development in this country, and education to all sections of people irrespective of their caste, language, or religious divide was his primary goal. He founded Sinclairs High School in the year 1990 to allow underprivileged students to have the privilege of a quality education. His pursuit towards excellence taught us all to believe in ourselves and work hard towards exceeding our own boundries. He always said that there are no great things in this world, only small things with great love.

Dr. D.K. Paul Raj was a great visionary, and Sinclairs High School endeavors to follow the examples set by this great man. We at Sinclairs High School, Bangalore City Mission, and Bangalore Community Services Trust look up to him as a great leader and mentor.