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Our Work >> Women in Crisis


In the past, BCM has responded to many women in crisis.  These women are mostly from broken families, young girls who were sexually abused, wives who were battered by brutal drunkard husbands, widows who were tormented by mother-in-laws, or elderly widows who were kicked out of their homes by their children.

We have often encountered such women and have given them a place to stay at our Multipurpose Care Center.  Volunteers have brought many such women to us when they were on the verge of ending their lives.   Many of the women who were brought to us had little children, often born out of recklessness on the part of the parents or incidents of sexual violence.

  • We have rescued girls who had been forced into child marriage by relatives
  • We have given temporary homes to widows until they can find a job
  • We have given homes and counseled women with small children who were kicked out of their homes whose only recourse seemed to be suicide & death to their children

  • The mission constantly responds to such calls.  Many of these women are employed by the mission to do small-time work for us.  This often diverts their minds from the recent horrors in their lives.   A lot of them are doing well, as are their children.  Their children are often put into a BCM run school.